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The size and commitment of our team and our protracted expertise allow us to accomplish absolutely any type of a project, regardless of its size and/or complexity!
Demolition is always the first step in any construction project. Whether it be site clearing for a new build or selective demolition for a tenant improvement, remodel, or addition. FTR has been performing commercial demolition services in the Treasure Valley since 2009. We recently spread our wings and expanded our service areas to include the entire state of Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah and North Dakota. We provide selective demolition to major Commercial Construction Management Companies, and General Contractors in our service area.
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Mold Inspection and Removal
It's all around us. Inside or outside mold is everywhere. The right types of mold are essential in our everyday lives. It's the wrong types of mold that are hazardous to us. There are many species of mold out there in the world. Some of those species are good for us and some are not. Most of the species of mold that are not good for us grow due to some kind of problem. Problems like broken or leaking pipes, water in crawlspaces, leaking roofs etc. Mold or Fungal growth have to have three things to start the growing process. Those three things are: Mold needs a water source, it also needs a food source, and last but not least it needs the right temperature. It takes all three of these things for mold to grow. Mold will not grow on any type of synthetic material. It will grow however on anything natural...
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Asbestos Testing and Abatement
First Team Restoration is renowned for Asbestos removal. Our company is considered an authority in the Boise area and we are licensed by the “Idaho Department of Health and Environment.”Every customer has a unique need that has to be met with a unique solution. We understand your needs like nobody else and offer you tailored solutions. Through our extensive experience in the Asbestos Business, we provide you the perfect solution for your needs.
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Meth Testing and Clean-up
Meth Labs are some of the most dangerous clandestine labs out there. With nasty chemicals like nitrogen dioxide, which will stain the walls and slowly release its toxic fumes into the air. This can cause numerous symptoms of sickness and the renter or home owner will never know why they keep visiting the doctor with sickness symptoms.
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Lead Testing and Abatement
About half of homes and buildings built before 1978 have lead-based paint. The likelihood of finding lead-based paint increases with the age of the building. Two out of three of homes and buildings built between 1940 and 1960 have lead-based paint. Nine out of ten homes and buildings built before 1940 have lead-based paint.
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Specialty Demolition
From boilers in the basement of a hotel, to removing a smoke stack from a five story building, to removing an elevator car and equipment from an elevator shaft, FTR has the knowledge and capabilities to Demo your Special project.There are many times that something special comes up on a project. Things that can become very technical and even dangerous. When doing any project it is FTR's goal to always do it in the safest manner possible. Sometimes doing specialty demolition processes become slow, however slow, stead, and safe is the practice that normally always wins.
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