Meth Testing and Clean-up

Meth Testing and Clean-up

Meth Lab Remediation | Meth Lab Cleanup | Boise, Idaho

Meth Labs are some of the most dangerous clandestine labs out there. With nasty chemicals like nitrogen dioxide, which will stain the walls and slowly release its toxic fumes into the air. This can cause numerous symptoms of sickness and the renter or home owner will never know why they keep visiting the doctor with sickness symptoms.

FTR is able to restore your home or office to its original safety. Our trained technicians will preform all the newest scientific techniques to remove the chemical contamination present.

FTR has the knowledge and commitment to ensure you and your property are taken care of, so you can return to your normal routine.

One of the most difficult things to do is to figure out if Meth has been smoked in or cooked in your property.  FTR is able to do a quick test to determine if Meth is present.  There are many things that can potentially lead you to believe that someone has cooked or used meth in your building or property.

Some of the things to look for are:

  • A lot of times meth contamination smells like HEAVY pet urine.  If the smell of pet urine is so overwhelming then you may want to dig a little deeper.
  • Are there any holes in walls, doors etc.  Most people who use meth become paranoid and angry.  When tempers flair up hitting walls or punching holes in doors is a common thing.  If you have a property that has holes in walls and/or doors from tenants, you may want to dig a little deeper.
  • Poor housekeeping and cleanliness.  Drug users normally have no regard for cleanliness.  Is there trash, and debris everywhere?  Does the property have bad odors from trash, rotten food, feces, or urine?  If so you may want to dig a little deeper.
  • When meth is being manufactured inside a building, there is a lot of toxic chemicals used to produce it.  It also needs very high heat.  Are there burn marks on stoves, ranges, countertops, and hood vents?  We’ve even seen results of cooking meth in bathrooms.  If you see burn marks then maybe you should dig a little deeper.

If you suspect any of these things above.  FTR can help determine if meth has been smoked or cooked in your home, or office.

Don't take your health for granted. Call FTR to perform Testing for suspected Contaminates